Anti aging with antioxidants

Aging happens! Skin aging can happen a lot more rapidly! Antioxidants can slow down both. With 20% oxygen in our atmosphere at all times, everything organic (living) will oxidise and eventually die. The sun damages our skin by setting up free radicals and only antioxidants will help reduce free radical damage. The sun is present every single day of our lives (UVA and UVB) and with UVA penetrating clouds, fog, windows, we cannot escape it – unless we live in a concrete bunker and never see the light of day!

So what is to be done?

1. Eat 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day!

2. Apply a multitude of topical antioxidants to the skin every day from your teenage years onwards (like antioxidant defense complex). Why – what’s the rationale? see this blog article to get all the facts.

3. Apply a mineral (zinc and/or titanium) sunscreen to the skin every day (rain or shine, summer or winter).

What about taking antioxidant supplements? Well I’ve never been a fan of relying on pills to provide what natural fruit and vegetables do. Our body is made to digest real fruit and vegetables not just pills…if we only had to consume pills, we would have very small mouths – just a hole to pop a pill into! Here is an article from Mother Jones that will get you thinking twice about relying on your antioxidant supplements…

To find out more about antioxidants, view this SkinCareTV video at YouTube.

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