Why do I blog? Is it really a boring load of geek?

I was asked this question, quite seriously, by someone who appreciates how I’ve helped their skin, but not the serious nature of my approach….after all there are only 2 or 3 people who read my blog, maybe 1 more from my re-posting on the Blue Turtle Spa facebook page, and possibly 1 additional person from re-posting on my linked in account….

Well my serious answer is, that I believe the truth is important, and that it will prevail in the end. Our societal desire for ravishingly seductive soundbites just creates confusion, and costs everyone a lot of unnecessary money. Taking care of your skin is like taking care of your health – it’s a serious matter….and once you screw it up, it’s almost impossible to reverse the damage.

Marketing hype is bad for your skin and bad for your health. Pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies are both excellent at it. For example, ‘Big Pharma’ run TV ads to market new drugs to consumers…drugs that all have serious side effects and alter the natural functioning of the body. Yikes! They suggest that we should be considering the fact that we are less healthy than we think, so their drug will help rectify the situation…and yet it’s only the list of possible side effects that tell us the truth…their drug WILL alter the natural functioning of your body! Yikes x2!! And so too with cosmetics…the ingredients tell the truth, the rest is just marketing seduction.

Some say that me telling them the truth about their skin and it’s care is depressing…BUT, if you simply and naturally get your skin healthy and strong, it will function perfectly well, according to your genetic code, and you will look and feel better about it. What’s depressing about that???

Yes, I may sound dictatorial in my approach, but I know that it will work better in the long run than any super-hyped seductive marketing BS product from any major cosmetic manufacturer on the planet. They misuse real information to create unreal impressions…just what exactly does ‘natural’ ‘organic’ ‘non-chemical’ mean? Well, it certainly doesn’t mean what you think it means, and you certainly shouldn’t go and buy into it….

And so I blog…even if it is considered a boring load of geek, you have to make decisions regarding your life and your skin care. I just want to provide you with the opportunity of reading something that is simple and truthful. The rest is up to you.

My hope is that more and more people learn to treat their skin sensitively – no matter what type of skin you think you have – because both you and your skin will be happier in the end…

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