A guide to choosing an esthetician

Choosing an esthetician is like choosing a dentist, nutritionist, music teacher…what criteria should be used in deciding who to go to? You need to find someone who is knowledgeable about skin physiology, skin chemistry, and product chemistry. It’s not about whether they carry a specific line of products and that they regurgitate all the marketing hype of that product line. It’s about how they can help you take care of your skin without making your face look red/swollen/uncomfortable/painful. It’s about keeping your skin strong and balanced…

For all my wonderful clients who will be looking for a new esthetician due to my decision to retire….here is a guide to finding a good skin care specialist/esthetician/facialist:

Make the following requests of your esthetician in terms of how they treat your skin:

For all skin types:
No steam (unless it’s for teenage acne), no hot towels, cool water only
No benzoyl peroxide anything…
No detergent cleansers
No glycolic cleanser (it is detergent based)
No salicylic cleanser (it is detergent based)
No scrub (it does NOT deep clean the pores)
Only inorganic (mineral) sunscreen please…

In addition….

For sensitive skin or any skin with any level of redness in it:
No aggressive AHA or BHA treatments
No retinols or other aggressive anti aging products
No hydrocortisone
No hydroquinone (skin whitening)

For dry skin types:
No clay masks – they will dry the skin out
No Titanium Dioxide sunscreen – it will emphasize dryness on the skin

Ask questions like:
How do you keep the skin balanced? See if the answer is similar to what I say.
How often should I have a facial? It should not be a set period of time – it’s 4-6weeks for oily clogged skin to every 6 months for dry skin.
Does diet, stress, shampoo and conditioner impact the skin? (the answer should be YES).

If the esthetician says any of the following….run away as fast as possible because they ‘know not of what they speak’…ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ARE FALSE/UNSCIENTIFIC/MISLEADING/MYTHS:

/ they will ‘detox’ your skin
/ natural products are always good for your skin
/ organic skin care is the same as eating organic food
/ your skin absorbs everything you put on it (well they’ll probably say at least 60%)
/ you need to open the pores then close them again
/ all blackheads must be extracted otherwise they become acne
/ your skin will be ‘purging’ toxins after the facial (aka expect a lot of pimples)
/ acne and acne rosacea are the same thing
/ oil causes acne – so they only recommend oil-free products
/ they recommend the use oil absorbing products to eliminate oil from the skin (even when you’re not really oily)
/ they believe that squeaky clean skin is good and that they can ‘deep-clean’ the pores
/ a toner is important to pH balance the skin
/ their products have no ‘chemicals’ in them (everything on the planet is a chemical except light and electricity so it’s impossible to get a chemical free ‘anything’).

Check out the videos about skin care myths as well as how the skin works… all helpful videos can be watched on the SkinCareTV channel.

Remember, I’m just a video call away, so make an appointment and I can help you through any conflicts or concerns as you transition to a new esthetician.

Thank you for letting me help you with the ongoing care of your skin. I appreciated your support over the years as well as your confidence in my ability to treat your skin the way it should/needs be treated.

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