Moisturize always or never, for sensitive skin?

A question posed by a viewer of the SkinCareTV channel on the YouTube video Moisturize Yes? or No?

hye, i have combination type of skin.. but if i put moisturizer, it will turn to whitehead n bumps.. it is so pain n moisturizer make my face look greasy even the water based 1.. should i use moisturizer or not?
Answer from SkinCareTV:
As mentioned in the video, only use man made moisturizer if your skin doesn’t naturally produce it’s own. That stuff everyone calls oil, is actually sebum that your skin produces as it’s own natural moisturizer. If you are like me, my skin produces a lot of sebum and i never use a man made moisturizer. We are all made differently so we have to adapt what we do with our skin to the way we are made….. and don’t make your skin worse by using hot water and detergent cleansers to try and get rid of the ‘oil’ and ‘shine’…they will just force your skin to produce more sebum. use cool water only. Splash your face with cool water as often as you want during the day…cooling the skin down will also reduce the shine. Usually oily skin will also need exfoliation because skin with strong keratin growth will often cause sebaceous cysts to form under the surface (that does not mean acne cysts). Dry flakes (they are possible even with ‘oily’ skin) will clog pores and increase the potential for pimples. Dry flaky skin requires an enzyme exfoliator. Strong keratin growth requires and alpha hydroxy acid like glycolic acid….one that has a pH and %AHA that suits your skin type (not lower than 3pH and not more than 10% AHA). Knowing your skin would help me advise you better. We can always do a skype video consultation (International orders require a paypal acc).
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