Shocking info about the Microbiome diet and skin care

The microbiome is an important area of health research, and marketers are jumping in to take advantage ($$$) of the hype. The microbiome refers to all the natural bacteria that make up the human body, especially the digestive tract. The marketing hype usually has something to sell…and makes it all sound so sensible – but […]

Acne and Diet – there is a permanent and definite link

A recent article Medical News Today once again hi-lights the fact that so many medical practitioners and nutritionists know…that there is a definite link between Acne and Diet…especially high glycemic (think processed carbohydrate food and junk food) and dairy intake…. I always emphasize this to my clients with acne – because everything we put into […]

Help control rosacea symptoms with a healthy diet

Knowing that Rosacea is a neurovascular disorder leads us to try and control vascular dilating aspects of every day life. These can vary from person to person, but generally certain triggers affect everyone. An unhappy digestive system, irregular bowel movements, intolerance of certain types of foods will affect your rosacea flareups, and rosacea is definitely […]

Diet and Acne…A serious connection that is not taken seriously…

The reason why the diet-acne connection has been relegated to a non-issue in dermatology is simple..the pharmaceutical industry does not make money out of diet and foods. The Pharma industry is now one of the most important sources of funds for medical research, postgraduate training, and continuing medical education. The modern day pharmaco-dematologists wield powerful […]

A great diet will help with age fighting, control of acne, and reduce rosacea flare-ups

About 80% of American adults are not eating the bare minimum of 3 vegetables and 2 fruits a day. The most consumed fruit is orange juice, but maximum health requires more variety. Likewise American adults have very little variety in their consumption of vegetables (fried potatoes seem to be the sole vegetable consumed by a […]