Nutrition for the skin…organic fruit and vegetables plus nutritional supplements

The essence of sensible, and good skin care starts with nutrition. Our skin, as the largest organ of our body, is totally dependent upon the nourishment we give it by way of our diet. When your body systems are getting the nourishment they need and are working together efficiently, your health is better, you have […]

Nutrition ABSOLUTELY impacts youth acne!

According to the book ‘The Clear Skin Diet’ Japanese youth had a lower incidence of acne than American youth. During the 80’s and 90’s with the massive influx and influence of ‘amazing’ American fast/junk food cuisine, Japanese youth caught up to American youth in terms of acne incidences and out breaks. So all that red […]

A guide to choosing an esthetician

Choosing an esthetician is like choosing a dentist, nutritionist, music teacher…what criteria should be used in deciding who to go to? You need to find someone who is knowledgeable about skin physiology, skin chemistry, and product chemistry. It’s not about whether they carry a specific line of products and that they regurgitate all the marketing […]

Who is seducing you right now?

Seduction is wonderful – except when it messes up your health and your skin – in which case a meaningful long term relationship is highly recommended… Seductive marketing hype (aka lies) makes you believe that…you are going to look 20 years younger, you are going to be slender, you are going to replace flab with […]