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Using Vitamin C and Decircle + Firm to rejuvenate the skin on your hands

Hands show ones age. They have sun and age spots. The skin begins looking thin and transparent. Don’t despair, it is possible to do a renovation job on your hands (and arms and chest and neck etc) using the amazing 17.5% esterized version of Vitamin C as found in C + Renew Serum from Sensitive Skin Clinic plus the peptides and decircling ingredients in Decircle + Firm Eyes from Sensitive Skin Clinic.

Every night before bed, apply 1 pump of C + Renew Serum on the back of each hand and smooth it over the skin. Then apply 2 pumps of Decircle + Firm Eyes and smooth over the vitamin C. The esterized Vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) is able to penetrate the lipid barrier of the skin and stimulate collagen development, act as an antioxidant, as well as support the reduction of sun spots. In Decircle + Firm Eyes there is the amazing antiaging ingredient ergothioneine from mushrooms, as well as peptides and hydroxysuccinamide that help break down oxidized elements stuck in the skin (age spots), and ‘flush’ them into the lymph system to be ‘trashed’. These two products work so well together. Use the same technique on other areas of the body that look older and ‘weathered’.

After 1 month you will notice the lightening of dark spots on your hands, and after 2 – 3 months you will be amazed at how much ‘younger’ and more attractive they look.

It’s still important to add moisturizer if you have dry skin on your hands, and always apply a mineral sunscreen every day (reapply after washing your hands).

Note that the skin on the hands can be sensitive…they are exposed to sunlight every day and they are frequently washed with water and soap that is way more alkaline than the skin…so they may not be strong and balanced. If you experience any sensitive reactions utilizing this hand care regimen, reduce the application to just 3 nights per week (like Mon/Wed/Fri), and once the hands are stronger and not reactive, increase the nightly application to 5 nights (Sun/Mon, Wed/Thu/Fri), and then increase it to 7 nights a week when you feel comfortable doing so.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Food Babe, Science Babe, Angry Babes dueling blogs, who’s right or wrong?

Recently a friend introduced me to an online blogging war between the Food Babe and the Science Babe…each have their supporters and detractors…. This is the latest attack from Science Babe on Food Babe, and another from Bad Science Debunked – they are funny and sad all rolled into one…

The Food Babe is not a scientist, and tends to act like a politician – sowing seeds of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Everything she can’t pronounce is classified as a ‘toxin’ or a ‘chemical’. The Science Babe is just that – a scientist who looks at everything on a molecular level and rules out the emotional BS of fear uncertainty and doubt. Seeing as everything on this planet is a chemical except light and electricity, she tends to know more of what is indeed a toxin versus the incorrect and wholesale use of the words ‘toxic’ and ‘chemical’ used by Food Babe for maximum marketing effect.

It appears they are both claiming to be babes – so it seems good looking or sexy sells! Well, it’s worked since modern advertising got under way in the mid 1900’s!! Anyone older or less attractive just doesn’t get the attention of the media or the population in general. So that’s why I don’t have an ‘army’ of followers as the Food Babe and Science babe have!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s a lot I agree with from both blogs. The Food Babe only likes natural, organic food, and hates GMO anything. However, natural and organic does not necessarily mean good, wholesome and non toxic. A natural, organic poison mushroom will still kill you…and faster than a non-organic mushroom! However, she claims that any ingredient she cannot pronounce is thus bad…well, we need to be a little more educated than that. So, according to her, ergothioneine would be bad….but it is a wonderful molecule found in mushrooms (and some other plants) that will energize cell communication in your body and it’s amazing antioxidant properties may slow down the aging process…so being child-like in your decisions on your health and safety is not a good response to the complexities of modern day life.

The Science Babe can pronounce ergothioneine, understands what it is, and is OK with it in her body. However, the Science Babe doesn’t have a problem with GMO stuff… She feels that genetically modified organisms still contain a ‘natural’ biological identity that makes them totally edible… I’m not so sure. Basically, if anything ‘natural’ is manufactured by a for-profit organization, I’m skeptical of their marketing hype. All politicians lie, and marketers are a very close second.

By the by, ergothioneine can also be found in topical skin care products like Stress Recovery Complex, SSC Decircle + Firm Eyes, and Cell Youth Actif.

As far as I’m concerned, the best source of food is from two non-profit entities…one is called Mother Nature, and the other is called God. You should only purchase food from 1 of these 2 – which ever one gives you the best service ๐Ÿ™‚ However, it’s still Caveat Emptor/Buyer Beware! Not everything they sell is good for you…peanuts will kill some people, as will shrimp. Wheat and soy could make other people very ill. And poison ivy will always be poison ivy for everyone on this planet….

I always try and keep things simple…eat 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings everyday! If I was slapped each time I said that I’d be black and blue by now ๐Ÿ™‚ I prefer making organic fruit and vegetables my priority…it’s worth the extra cost. That’s why I don’t have all the latest technology gadgets, I ride a motor bike and not an SUV, and I tend to eat at home most of the time rather than trying every restaurant in the city. That’s my priority based on my income level, and you have yours. When it comes to healthy body and healthy skin, I always hope that people will give that a higher priority than technology and fancy cars…

Nutrition is critical for skin care…I say that often and have blogged about it almost as often. I think the Food Babe and others like Kimberly Snyder (she’s good looking but doesn’t call herself a babe), do a good job of getting their followers to focus on the important aspect of being mindful that what you put in your mouth is definitely going to affect every part of your being (mental and physical). I just have a problem with their claim that skin care should be considered the same as food. You should be eating real food, not processed creams that may have some food related ingredients added at time of formulation. I do NOT want to eat moisturizer!

The over-hyped claim that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood is just more fear, uncertainty and doubt from the less-than-science-smart marketers. Check out the video ‘How The Skin Works‘ for more information.

You can be the essential proof that the skin does NOT absorb everything you put on it…

For example: Will you put all your food in a blender and then smear it over your skin rather than eat it – and yet your body will be as fit and healthy? Will you suggest to your doctor that you crush your anti-depressant/anti anxiety/blood pressure/acid reflux pills etc into your moisturizer and smear it all over the face/body? Based on this hypothesis that your skin absorbs everything, then motor mechanics should die at a very young age – with petroleum and synthetic (toxic?) products all over their hands/arms every day? The list of potential toxins is endless – and fatal if they enter the body in large quantities – but the net outcome is that our bodies are designed with a skin that can keep most stuff out! If all the skin care products that claim to take you back 20 years really worked, there would only be a few products on the market – but there are hundreds of thousands making those claims….and we are all still looking for the magical 20 year reversal cream…

The best approach to skin care is to keep your skin strong and balanced, treat it sensitively, and it will work wonderfully well and look naturally younger because it is strong and balanced. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder – so behold your own natural beauty and not the fake beauty created by marketers and the celebrity machine…

So, how do you look at information concerning what you put in your mouth (and what you put on your skin)?

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Drinking coffee reduces chances of melanoma – REALLY

Recently the media gushed that coffee may reduce your risk for deadly melanoma skin cancer as if this was a fact and that it will enable you sleep easy at night – especially if you drink as much coffee as possible every day….Nobody can really take this seriously…only unscientific news networks will make a big deal of this.

Yet, as reported in TIME magazine January 19, 2015, Health briefing Page 22, most cancer is out of our control because random DNA changes are usually to blame. Melanoma is just such a cancer.ย  So how can any epidemiological study about coffee consumption have any relevance to random DNA changes in skin cells? And that’s the problem with epidemiological studies – they show coincidence – not cause. These are not clinical tests. They use existing data, get a super computer to churn the data, and spit out all the coincidences that are present in the data. The epidemiological studies don’t tell you how many of those coffee drinkers also wore sunscreen every day (and it should always be a mineral sunscreen)…nor whether there was a history of cancer in their family. What one also has to look at is who paid for the study and report?ย  perhaps the coffee industry? perhaps some large international marketing companies who sell instant coffee by the ton through Costco and other mass retailers?

The TIME magazine article quotes the scientific study done at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine….quite a different approach to the coincidence approach of epidemiological studies…and way more believable. Sure there are cancers that are greatly influenced by an individual’s lifestyle choices – like lung cancer and smoking, but the vast majority of cancers are outside of our control…

Skewing facts to suit a marketing message is not new – marketers have been doing it for decades.ย  You need to be 1 step ahead of them by not allowing yourself to be swayed by any type of epidemiological study. To understand more of how they do this skewing of facts, I really recommend that you watch a funny (yet serious) video by the comedian Tom Naughton. The video is about the food industry, but you can very easily interchange food and cosmetics…

Anti agingly feeding your skin organically – not sensationally addictively marketingly!

How exactly does one do this? Strictly speaking it is impossible to feed the skin – one feeds one’s body and all organs benefit therefrom (the skin is an organ), but lack of accuracy would never get in the way of marketing hype now would it? The mountains of marketing hype from skin care companies is overwhelming, but when you add in the food industry, the overall intensity of marketing hype becomes nauseating. Everything has to be sensationally addictive, or addictively sensational (the most biggest best ever!)…. I’m sure anti-agingly and addictively are not legal adverbsย  but that in itself underscores the inaccuracy of marketing speak…and so too, in marketing speak, there is more than one way to decipher exactly what I mean when I title the article ‘feeding your skin organically’ when one determines what ‘organically’ means relative to the inaccurate description of ‘feeding the skin’…. ๐Ÿ™‚

The simple truth is that whatever you put IN your body will impact your skin! So why not make that impact a positive one rather than a negative one?

The essential approach to good skin care is:

1. Start with a nutritious daily diet.

2. Always treat your skin sensitively – no harsh or aggressive skin care products.

3. Find ways to reduce your stress levels….and count your blessings not your short comings….

So what about this nutrition thing????? It’s hard to get good nutrition facts because of marketing hype, and if we didn’t study nutrition at school, how are we to know? The answer – just be basic and eat like the animal we are! Why the heck did Mother Nature put fruit and vegetables on this planet? To make it look and smell pretty? They are there for us to eat…in their organic raw natural form.

We are organic beings and every fruit and vegetable on this planet is organic. Organic means that you and the plants are carbon based. Carbon is the basis of life on this planet. I always state that eating 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day is essential for healthy and balanced skin – and such skin will naturally look and act in a more youthful way.

I recently discovered this blog, Authority Nutrition, that deletes the marketing hype and exposes just the scientific facts about food and fads. They claim to have 6 million readers, so the 2 people who read my blog may well know about them already ๐Ÿ™‚

In their recent blog entry on the 20 nutrition facts that should be common sense, I would start at #20 – Blaming new health problems on old foods doesn’t make sense… Eating naturally is what we are supposed to do – processed/refined/modified food is not….even if the marketers call it ‘organic’ processed refined modified food (#19). Then #17 – Health claims on packaging should never be trusted, and my favourite, #3 – The mainstream media should never be trusted for nutrition information…. Of note is #9, Feeding your gut bugs, as this has been a topic of some of my blogs recently that discuss how mistreating our skin bacteria can lead to, and enhance, sensitive skin

I also recommend that you check out this video of comedian Tom Naughton delivering a funny (sic!) presentation on how science and marketing skew the facts to prove their point and make us spend money….and in the end it all comes back down to the 20 common sense nutrition facts mentioned above ๐Ÿ™‚

Once you have happy, healthy, balanced skin, we can look at ways that new anti-aging skin care products may help you look even better ๐Ÿ™‚ And by the by, eating fruit and vegetables is the most cruelty free form of skin care!

You have way more sun damage than you think, and it just gets worse

You’re young, you’re tanned, your skin looks great – healthy – gorgeous – impenetrable… ????


Your skin has aged by the time you get into your teens, by the time you’re 20 the sun damage is set for future aging to show on your skin as you move past 35….brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, maybe some white (no-colour) spots, and then further sun damage to DNA in some skin cells could eventually accumulate to turn the cell cancerous (carcinomas and melanomas).

On this planet, everything will age because of the sun, and our skin ages the fastest because of all ourย sun exposure during our lifetime. So wear a mineral sunscreen everyday already!!!!

Check out this video to see (and be shocked) at how the damage is in your skin – even though you cannot see it with the visible eye…. and then see how sunscreen on the skin helps protect it from too much sun (note, they are sunscreens not sun blocks – because nothing but a cardboard box can block some of the sun’s rays from penetrating your skin.

Yes, there are many sunscreen myths out there… but there are undeniable facts about how the sun damages the skin…. and that is why so many people (especially white/pink/brown skin tones) have to deal with sun spots/brown spots/age spots as they move past age 35… and…even very dark skin tones (equatorial region) have a great potential for age spots as they get into their 60’s and 70’s…and even they can end up with skin cancers…NOBODY is immune from the damaging effects of the sun while they reside on planet Earth!

Oh, and the sun will always increase the level of sensitivity you experience in your skin…not just from sun burn, but from damage to the immune cells in your skin, to the weakening of the skin barrier function, to increased vaso-dilation and advancement of serious skin conditions like rosacea…

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.