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Resveratrol for the skin – the seductive hype is amazing

Question from a client:

I just ordered more Cell Youth Actif and Antioxidant Defense Complex from you and wondered if this new product from Skinceuticals (RESVERATROL B E) would be worth adding into my routine as well?

Short answer….save your money. YIKES $145? for something based on pure marketing hype? The antioxidant defense complex has way more antioxidants than this product (18 in total – so 15 more than this $145 marketing hyped product and almost $100 less). 

I have no idea of the size you’re getting for $145….and no idea of the full ingredient list (because they like to hide facts from people like me who know something about cosmetic ingredients and chemistry). 

Merely 1% resveratrol in a skin care product is pathetically little – even if if could do anything. The 1% of Vit E is no big deal either – many products contain Vit E merely as an antioxidant for the formula itself…and will be totally unavailable for any actual skin based antioxidant activity.With the Baicalin there are just 3 potential antioxidants in this product, and the latest studies are showing that we need a ‘concert’ of antioxidants in order to counteract Infra Red light from the sun in creating free radicals and aging the skin. Ones body requires multitudes of antioxidants in order to function properly on this planet – that’s why there are so many types of fruits and vegetables in nature. If you try eating just 1, you will be sorely undernourished and your skin will age a lot faster. Eat 5 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables every day and apply a multi-level antioxidant to your skin each morning. AND JUST SAY NO TO THE BS THESE MARKETING COMPANIES ARE DISHING UP…..

I have blogged about the resveratrol hype before – in 2010 and again in 2013 and yet in 2014 we are still bombarded with marketing BS about resveratrol…. RESVERATROL IS HYPE NOT FACT…IT’S NOT EVEN A SLIGHT AMOUNT OF HOPE!

Here is an excerpt from the EXCELENT article on resveratrol from the beauty bullshit blog where she talks about another marketing hyped product Juice Beauty’s CC Cream…. ‘The idea that resveratrol may be a factor in aging began in 2003 with a paper in Nature (the premiere interdisciplinary science journal) by Howitz and Sinclair entitled “Small molecule activators of sirtuins extend Saccharomyces cerevisiae lifespan”. Basically, the authors found that resveratrol stimulated the Sir2 gene, extending the lifespan of a particular species of yeast. Other researchers attempted to repeat these findings in fruitflies and in a nematode species called C. elegans, but did not succeed. Additionally, some clinical studies of resveratrol have been conducted in mammals. Unfortunately, it appears that resveratrol does NOT extend the life of mice. At last, in 2011, an article in Nature concluded that the lifespan effects of resveratrol had been significantly overstated

If you are a yeast cell, congratulations on your literacy. Maybe check out this resveratrol thing. If you are a human, though, you should know that at the present time, there are NO peer reviewed journal articles that suggest that resveratrol has any effect on people. In addition, all of the previous studies have used resveratrol in the organism’s diet. Juice Beauty’s CC Cream is topical. That’s the difference between eating some kale and rubbing kale on your face. Obviously the latter is not going to do very much. Even more fundamentally, all of this research is being done to examine the effects the organism’s overall lifespan, NOT on visual anti-aging effects.’

Skinceuticals, like Juice Beauty (and thousands of other companies) is an excellent marketing company…just wish some of them knew about skin and had some ethics….there I go trying to roll boulders up a hill…  


Antioxidants + Mineral Sunscreen = the best anti aging skin care

The short answer to the anti aging skin question is:

1. Use a multi-level antioxidant like Antioxidant Defense Complex on your skin every day!

2. Use a mineral sunscreen on your skin every day!

3. Eat properly – have 5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings every day of your life!

The long answer:

Living on this planet is no picnic! It ages us. The sun and oxygen are the 2 major catalysts for aging by allowing rampant free radical damage to every cell in our body – and especially our skin…but then we don’t have any other planet to live on yet, so we must just cope with the aging effects of living on planet Earth.

The major spectrums of light that enable aging are Infra Red and Ultra Violet. Both of these come from the sun and affect us every single day of our lives – from the time it’s light in the morning until it is dark at night….they come through clouds, fog, and windows, so no need to fool yourself about never being affected by them…

Our body makes powerful antioxidants to help defend against these free radicals. They work really well when we are young, and then not so well as we age…. Mother Nature provides us with antioxidants in every fresh fruit and vegetable grown on this planet…to further help us combat the free radicals that affect every cell in our body. Eating 5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings EVERY DAY will help us maintain a strong fight against these free radicals. Processed food, junk food, fast food will do the opposite!

As the outermost organ of the body, the skin often gets the short-end of the stick when it comes to it’s share of the antioxidants in our body…that’s why skin aging often happens faster than any other organ aging. Science has shown that applying antioxidants on the skin from age 30 and up is a good strategy…..but now they are saying that applying antioxidants to the skin from a young age (teens and twenties) will help slow down the aging of the skin.

There is no such thing as a ‘super-antioxidant’ and that is all you need apply to the skin. That’s just marketing hype and spin… If it were the case, mother nature would just make 1 fruit and 1 vegetable and that’s all we’d eat – because the rest would be superfluous right? Yes, it’s wrong! We must consume a variety of antioxidants for our body to function properly and to slow down the aging process – it’s just the way that life IS on this planet!

So now that we have established that marketers spin and marketing hype is to be ignored, we need to address skin aging with powerful multitudes of organic antioxidants and combine them with a powerful inorganic sunscreen (the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide).

Certain antioxidants like Vitamin A and C are also critical for the development of skin cells like collagen and elastin, so are important anti-aging ingredients in their own right. Yes, C + Renew will deliver great antioxidant power to the skin, but it is also being used as a primary stimulator of collagen and elastin fibres to make the skin act and look younger. It’s the esterized version of Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) that provides the anti-aging effects.

Try the Antioxidant Defense Complex 1.12oz with free shipping. It is an essential part of an anti-aging regimen because it helps fight the sun’s Infra Red damage to the skin while your Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35 or SPF 40 work at protecting your skin from the damaging Ultra Violet rays from the sun. 18 different antioxidants in 1 powerful product. Good for all skin types or used in place of a moisturizer by some oilier to combination skin types. Astaxanthin from micro algea create the orange tone. This provides a slight ‘self-tanning’ glow to the skin that looks good on most skin tones. Watch the SkinCareTV video on why antioxidants are important.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Expensive skin care products, are they worth it?

I came across an article in New Beauty Magazine Spring-Summer 2013. They claim they are the beauty experts….as judged by an objective panel of experts utilizing standardized beauty measurements????…yeah right… The article was about whether the worlds most expensive beauty products were worth it or not….and they don’t even discuss whether they are worth it or not… they just regurgitate some marketing hype….it is really pathetic! Yes I know I am fighting an uphill battle…unfortunately fact will never replace fiction in the beauty industry!

How about Orogold 24K Gold Nano Night Recovery at $3000?  Neither the marketing hype from the company, nor the judgement from the so-called expert judge from New Beauty even attempts to explain the hype of how gold in a skin cream can make you look younger! Nor do they state how much gold is actually in the product.  Does it just make you ‘glow’ so much that you blind people and thus prevent them from seeing your wrinkles? There is no credible evidence that gold can do anything in the skin (even if it is possible for a mineral to penetrate the skin). I believe that anyone with this kind of money to spend on a topical product will have enough money to spend on Botox/Fillers/Laser Resurfacing/Surgery to make themselves appear younger…but they are so obsessed with looking younger that they will also add a $3000 cream to the mix….. Orogold knows their market very well and are making a fortune in profits from this product…..

I could go on and on with all the products the New Beauty ‘Expert’ Magazine has showcased, but the same applies to each…hype and seduction to the right people will get them to part with lots of money….

Sure, some ingredients are more expensive to create and use in skin care. The stem cell and DNA repairing ingredients in Cell Youth Actif are more expensive to source and stabilize, and cannot be made in large batches and kept for long periods of time. That will add cost to the production process…. However, Cell Youth Actif is effective and is less than $100!!!! The esterized Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) in C + Renew Serum is more complex to create than a standard water soluble Vitamin C, but the effectiveness in collagen and elastin development of the high percentage (17.5%) esterized Vitamin C certainly offsets the price of under $60. In the Antioxidant Defense Complex, there are 18 different antioxidants….that’s a lot – yet it is highly effective at under $50. 

Does this mean that the cheapest products are just as good as the expensive ones? NO. The quantity and quality of active ingredients will make a difference to the effectiveness of the product. Large consumer goods companies that make the drugstore type products will formulate with lower quantities and usually have access to cheap manufacturers in China and other parts of the world. Then the age old economic formula of cheap ingredients, low consumer price, and high volume sales means they appear to be the popular choice….. As general purpose moisturizers, they are fine. For skin specific and effective products, they fail. And all their cleansers are cheap detergents…and bad for everybody!

So do you need to spend a lot of money to get effective skin care? The answer is NO! You just have to dig deeper into the marketing hype and seduction and see if there is even a remote element of truth or substance to their claims before you fall into their trap. Once you know how the skin works, you will be more skeptical of most of what the skin care industry tries to sell you. Even so-called medical experts will give you the same hyped up/non-factual marketing information about skin care…to make you feel even more comfortable parting with your money…..

This is why my style of skin care is not very exciting and glitzy….the facts of skin care are not sexy….but if you know how to make your skin strong and balanced, it will work really well, and when combined with a good diet of 5 x fruit and 5 x vegetable servings every day, your skin will look younger and healthier…. And always wear a mineral sunscreen every day!

Antibacterial soap, Multivitamins, Colds and Flu, Dairy Issues – do you believe it?

We all grew up with certain beliefs – mostly imposed by mom or dad or others in our community….these are known as ‘common beliefs’.

So, how well substantiated are common beliefs? Answer….not very well…

Check out this article about the common beliefs regarding multivitamins, how you get colds and flu, dairy issues etc. I recently wrote about the multivitamin myth regards to skin care in this blog entry. As we move beyond 35 years of age, it is often beneficial to the skin to apply vitamins as antioxidants (like C + Renew or Triple C + E Complex) but they are not replacements for the antioxidants in the fruit and vegetables you should be consuming…

The one item in the ‘common beliefs’ list I can attest to is that dairy consumed while you have flu or a cold will definitely increase the thickness of mucus you produce….but it is not responsible for mucus production…that comes naturally with the cold and flu reaction your body creates. Try not having any dairy (aka ZERO) while you have a cold or flu and you will find your mucus is thinner – and not as congestive as usual….

However, for skin care, if you have problem skin like acne, rosacea, dermatitis, sensitive skin, dairy is totally going to worsen the condition. As adults, we do NOT need dairy – despite the claims from the multi-billion $ dairy industry that you will ‘die-unless-you-drink-milk’…. marketing hype is a way of life in our society but it should be ignored most of the time! For more information on dairy and acne, check out the Clear Skin Diet by Logan and Treloar.

A ‘common’ or ‘logical’approach to skin care and health is to just eat a healthy diet (5 fruit and 5 vegetables servings every day, no processed or junk food), exercise, and be gentle with your skin…treat it sensitively and understand the BEST things and WORST things to do for your skin…. Basically, I would like EVERYONE to believe that they have sensitive skin, because that way you won’t be tempted to damage it or unbalance it with all those marketing hyped natural/antiaging/magical products…

And please STOP using antibacterial soaps – they are BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and they WILL MESS UP YOUR SKIN… Bacteria are essential for life on this planet…so stop being a bacteria-phobe…learning more about bacteria and their positive effect upon our lives is a very interesting focus of attention for medical research. There is a new documentary called Resistance being made about this topic…check out the trailer here

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

New Anti Aging Ingredients in Skin Care

There are 2 new anti aging ingredients for skin care products that can help you slow down the natural aging process in your skin….Astaxanthin and Ergothioneine….

Astaxanthin is derived from micro algae and is considered an essential anti aging antioxidant. It helps protect cell membranes from being damaged by free radicals. In short, accumulative increases in free radical attacks cause aging due to accumulative damage to skin cells. Think of free radicals as teenage kids that cause physical damage to the walls of their bedrooms due to their hyperactive nature

Antioxidants like Astaxanthin and Vitamin C (in the esterized version called Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), have been scientifically shown to be an incredibly powerful force against free radicals.  Astaxanthin has been tested and shown to be stronger at cell membrane protection than Idebenone, Beta Carotene and Vitamin E. It is an orange coloured ingredient – but it is not to be confused with Beta Carotene from Carrots.

This is the reason why the C + Renew Serum has both Astaxanthin and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. It protects and renews….and keeps aging at bay!

Ergothioneine is derived from mushrooms, and has a strategic role to play in keeping the cell active and functioning in a youthful way. It protects the mitochondria – organelles that create all the energy in every cell in our body. Creating all that energy means they suffer damage, and most of that damage is in the form of free radicals. Keeping the mitochondria healthy is strategic to younger looking skin (and bodies). Scientific studies have shown that Ergothioneine is also a superior antioxidant to Idebenone.

Ergothioneine is a strategic ingredient in Cell Youth Actif, and helps reduce potential for age spots/liver spots as we age. Stress Recovery Complex also contains Ergothioneine.

To learn more about antioxidants, see the video. Of course, applying antioxidants to the skin MUST be accompanied by the daily use of a mineral sunscreen….

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.