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Best advice on scar or wound healing and repair

Check out this SkinCareTV channel video based on my experience at healing and repairing my facial skin after 2 surgeries to remove cancerous melanoma. It discusses what to do directly after surgery, before stitches are removed, after stitches are removed, and long term skin care.

Young skin tends to heal and repair a lot faster than older skin, but all skin can benefit from tried and tested best methods and ingredients. The type, quantity and quality of ingredients in skin care products will definitely impact the speed and long terms results of your healing process. The products I recommend are all available for purchase online.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Andrew Scoular at Sensitive Skin Clinic is ugly!

This is by far my most favourite comment about me posted on the YouTube channel SkinCareTV. It cracks me up every time I read it

“I can’t understand how this guy could remotely think that he is an authority of skin care, when his face is clearly sagging, mottled, and just simply unhealthy looking.”

Oooops, she forgot to add that I also have a big scar on my left cheek from having a big chunk of melanoma removed…..

So why have I not had laser resurfacing, Botox, fillers, remodeling surgery done?

I just like to focus on real skin care…helping you keep your skin healthy and balanced, and definitely less sensitized. I focus on skin care, not beauty, because beauty comes from within…and most people naturally posses plenty of inner beauty, but some people don’t…..

I have always had sensitive skin, that has been oily and acne prone, and I have had 6 decades of sun damage….and what you see is all NATURAL…because I believe in NATURAL skin care that is not tested on animals…that’s why I created the vegan Sensitive Skin Clinic line! Yes, I use the Sensitive Skin Clinic line on my skin.

Once you have strong and balanced skin, the choice is yours as to what you want to do from there…just don’t unbalance and sensitize it again…

Personally, I will not do Botox because it is continually tested on animals for different purposes, to see what quantity can be damaging or can kill a living entity. It is, after all, a serious toxin that can definitely kill you in high doses. We are surrounded by toxins in our daily lives, and generally they are things that we should try to protect ourselves from…

Fillers are not toxic, but as with all FDA approved medical procedures, it has been tested on animals….and all new varietals of fillers are also tested on animals before the FDA will approve it for human use.

Lasers are also all tested on animals before approved by the FDA. Lasers can burn the skin and create severe pain for a ‘test’ animal. Imagine being strapped down and have someone try out a new laser on you, against your will, and not give a damn about how much pain it causes you?

Surgery is OK, and I do not rule it out. Due to the melanoma surgery leaving my one eye slightly ‘pulled down’ I may get it corrected, and I may have some other potentially cancerous growths removed, and possibly may get a bit of a nip and tuck done…

But until then, I will just be NATURAL, and shun the celebrity fake look

Great advances in skin care for anti aging – what’s the cost?

How often does the media inform us of great ‘advances’ that show how science can make us look younger, feel better, cure major illnesses? They excitedly tell us that animal test show how the animal was cured of a disease, or was made to live longer etc. The media fails to inform us that thousands of animals died painful deaths leading up to the final conclusions, and they fail to tell us that the ‘successful’ animal was killed off after the experiment was over.

Why does humanity think it’s ok to test cosmetics and drugs on animals? Is it ok to torture and kill animals in order discover new ways to make us look and feel younger? or to save human lives? or to extend the life span of humans? It’s a real ethical question eh? And when you discover how much these animals know and can experience – would you feel comfortable supporting companies, universities, and all the individuals involved in conducting tests on caged animals stored in laboratory settings? Please read this wonderful WSJ article about the brains of the animal kingdom. To learn more about animal testing, see this video.

By living on this planet, we have to accept the fact that all the natural elements and chemicals around us are designed to kill us off….and maintain a balance. Is ‘balance’ really what humanity is about?

By keeping your skin in balance with soothing, calming skin care products that are not tested on animals, it can be a precursor to developing a balance in our health, our social and business life, our community, our planet, and the care of all life forms that inhabit it with us….

It is a dream that I want to believe in…

By the by, all ‘FDA Approved’ drugs, treatments, medical devices, have all been tested on animals. All anti aging treatments at the MedSpa/Dermatologist Spa/Doctor’s office, have been tested on animals.

Desperate celebrity treatments will also give you sensitive skin

There is an unintelligible fascination with what desperate celebrities do to themselves and their skin in order to achieve a favourable media impression at a ‘celebrity’ event. All these celebrity treatments have the potential to deliver very sensitive skin…so does that make those huge price tag treatments a bargain?

Laser treatments, cortisone, thermage (cooking the skin), excessive intravenous delivery of excessive amounts of multivitamins…they can all unbalance the skin (and the body). But hey, everyone dreams of having enough money so they can do a desperate and dramatic quick-fix to an aging problem rather than the boring day-to-day taking care of yourself and your skin….(like eating 5 fruit and vegetable servings each day and wearing a mineral sunscreen every day)…..

So my advice to these celebrities, and others who choose to copy-cat them, is to stock up on products that will soothe the sensitive skin and try and strengthen it, and so try and achieve some sort of balance again. Makeup and airbrushing of photos can make these celebrity-treatment-victims look fabulous on occasion….but then go look at those published photos that show how bad celebrities look the rest of the time

Check out the slide show….these hottest treatments were, of course, compiled without due investigation into the side effects/after effects…. And if you believe in cruelty free and organic skin care, then these treatments definitely won’t be of interest to you….because they are neither!

Vampire Face Lift – no brains needed, just money!

Please read this article from Beauty for the Critical Mind….it positions the whole vampire facial so well….and seriously….no brain power is required, just money! If you are remotely intelligent you will turn your back on this kind of thing….but hey….there are many people with lots of money and no brains out there….and as for following what the K’s and other celebrities do, well, enjoy the stupid ride..

For the rest of us intelligent people who understand what living on this planet is all about…we’ll wear a mineral sunscreen everyday, laugh and smile, enjoy our lives, and not focus on being an unhappy, insecure, plastic semblances of a human…

It’s a great pity that so many confined lab animals had to be tortured and killed in testing this stupid procedure for the sake of very wealthy inhuman’s.