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Tanning beds and UV lamps provide short and long term results

Tanning beds and UV lamps provide consistent Ultra Violet Ray exposure and makes it seem as if you have your own ‘personal’ piece of the sun in your own home! Yes they deliver the same rays as the sun – just a whole lot closer to you! They set the skin into ‘protective’ mode the same way as any outdoor activity like lying next to a pool or playing beach volleyball, or tennis, or golf, or cycling, or running etc etc etc will do. Protective Mode is not synonymous with Safe Mode. There’s a lot more we have to do to strengthen the Protective Mode. Life on this planet comes with zero guarantees….

Yes, I will give a list of best Protective Measures at the end of this article….

Here’s how your skin works, relative to the effects of the sun…a stimulus of UVA and/or UVB will get the melanocytes in your skin producing more pigment so as to cover the DNA hosting nucleus and thus reduce the damage that the UV ray will do to each skin cell’s DNA, and the ‘darker’ protective pigment is therefore referred to as a tan. Yes we are talking about real damage to the DNA in your skin cells. Yes we are talking about reducing, NOT eliminating, UV damage to the DNA in your skin cells. On this planet, any UV exposure means there is a potential for DNA damage. On this planet, any ‘tan’ means you have already experienced UV damage to the DNA of some cells. A ‘tan’ is not healthy – it merely proves that we have already exposed our DNA to damage.

Most of the time, light DNA damage can be repaired by your body through the action of DNA repair enzymes. HOWEVER, the more frequent and intense the DNA damage, the more likely your body will not repair all the UV induced damage, and so your potential for developing skin cancers increases. That’s why tanning beds and UV lamps are exceptional potential dangers to your health.

Science has proven that both Ultra Violet (UV) and Infra Red (IR) rays from the sun and man-made devices like tanning beds, will increase the speed at which the skin ages, and thus the speed at which you start to look older with wrinkles and blotchy sun spots. See also the SkinCareTV video on brown spots.

Because you have no idea just how vulnerable your DNA is to UV damage, it means you have no idea if you will get skin cancer at a young or old age. It used to be the case that cancers generally affect older people more than younger people…generally because DNA repair enzymes are more efficient in young people than old people (it’s just Mother Nature’s way of doing things). However, with skin cancer being the #1 cancer in the USA, there is a growing number of young people getting severe forms of skin cancer…including life threatening melanoma!

In this CNN article about the recent FDA warning and re-categorization of sun tanning UV equipment, here are some interesting excerpts:
1. people who have been exposed to UV rays from indoor tanning have a 59% increase of developing melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.
2. Those who use tanning beds on a regular basis, especially teens, have 10 times the risk of developing all three types of skin cancer, including melanoma, which is deadly
3. ‘My youngest melanoma patient was 18. She was using tanning beds since she was 13. She has a huge scar on her back and is constantly being monitored.’

Having 2 large scars on my face due to melanoma surgery, I am very aware of the ‘unattractive’ nature of skin cancer. Why am I the only 1 in my family dealing with skin cancer when we all lived out in the African sun as youngsters and adults? It is impossible to determine your precise potential for skin cancer, but it is possible to increase your percentage of risk for skin cancer by increasing your exposure to UV rays (from the sun and/or tanning beds/UV lamps).

So, what can you do to mitigate some of the dangers of being a happy, healthy, outdoor, sports person on this wonderful planet of ours?

1. Wear a mineral sunscreen like one of these, every single day (rain or shine).
2. Apply a multi-level antioxidant before your sunscreen, every day. Antioxidants help defend your skin against the Infra Red (IR) spectrum from the sun, while sunscreens help protect against the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum from the sun. Both spectrums age your skin.
3. Use plant enzymes from the Mediterranean Arabidopsis plant to stimulate your DNA repair enzymes to correct a large amount of the every-day damage that occurs in skin cells exposed to UV and IR. These plant enzymes are found in the Cell Youth Actif product. Apply AM and/or PM before moisturizer.
4. Use the esterized version of Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) to stimulate collagen and elastin development in the skin – and help repair the damage caused by UV and IR. This Vitamin C also acts as a long lasting antioxidant to fight the aging effects of free radicals. There is a high level of this Vitamin C in the C + Renew Serum. Apply before moisturizer. Apply after Cell Youth Actif.
5. Eat a healthy diet of 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day. Junk food and processed food can never be classified as part of a healthy diet!
6. Wear a wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirts with collars, long pants and sneakers rather than tank tops, shorts and sandals….make a different fashion statement!

If you are concerned about the media-hyped scare of Vitamin D deficiency, please read this blog article.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

How to stop oily skin…the easiest way

Here’s the easy step by step approach to stop oily skin from making you unhappy:

1. Wash your face only 1x per day – AT NIGHT!
2. Use ONLY cool water with a gentle cleanser – DO NOT WASH FACE IN SHOWER!
3. Use a TRULY gentle cleanser – NO DETERGENT CLEANSER! That means no cleanser for oily or acne skin, no Cetaphil or other drug store brands that claim to be gentle…that’s just marketing lies…because the ingredients tell the truth – looks for …lauroyl sarcosinate, laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate and other kinds of sulfate, betaines…. yes they are all in these so-called gentle cleansers….
4. Moisturize only where needed…that means do not apply moisturizer all over the face – just where you need it….so if you are oily on the nose or chin etc – do not apply moisturizer there….SIMPLE!
5. DO NOT use alcohol wipes or alcohol toners. Actually do not use anything that claims it will eliminate your oil…they will just make things worse…within 2 hours!

Want to know why this simple approach works? Check out the video on How the skin works, as well as the one that shows that only certain cleansers matter.

Here are a few comments from my clients who have stopped their oily and problematic skin from making them unhappy:
Logan R Yelp review ‘He completely blew my mind when he explained that I was washing my face too much.’
Becky T Yelp review ‘Ive had oily skin my whole life and its always been a losing battle –
until I had a facial with Andrew.  We discussed and changed my cleansing
routine and now Im oil free!! Thank you so much!’
Olga V Yelp review ‘the main ingredient in my facial care now is cold water. Apparently all these years my face wanted cold water! Go figure.’
Michelle E by email ‘It was weird not washing my face with cleanser this morning but I have actually noticed that my skin does not appear to be as oily and shiny throughout the day as it used to be.  Amazing!’

So, go ahead and try it! Yes all the stuff you’ve been told to do for oily skin is BS!

GMO is a fact of life – how to deal with it?

GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a fact of life today. Big money, Big marketing, Big political maneuvering means that you cannot turn back the clock. GMO is here to stay. Most of the US soy crop and corn crop is GMO! And many more crops and even fish (salmon) are becoming GMO….

The reasons for this move to GMO1) the massive number of humans on this planet demanding more and more food, 2) the dramatically changing climate (aka Global Warming) that is changing the ability of countries to produce enough food to feed all the 2 legged animals (humans) on the planet, and finally 3) the amount of money that is being made by bio-tech corporations, corporate agriculture, corporate food processors, investors and mutual funds and everyone in the big money making machine…

So, in order to grow more crops to feed the ever increasing population of the planet, you have to engineer them to grow in adverse conditions and yet produce a massive harvest. Sounds good yes? But what is the cost to the overall environment of the planet? GMO totally alters the natural balance in any environment in which they are grown. Everyone knows that an unbalanced situation will definitely cause problems. Think of it as how excessive alcohol consumption will inevitably affect your liver by changing the balance from healthy to unhealthy and diseased – to the detriment of your life on this planet. Yes all the GMO promoters (aka money interests) say that their science has proven that GMO has no effect on the environment…yeah right…that sounds like the tobacco industry in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s saying tobacco smoking will not kill you…..and it also sounds like all the global warming nay-sayers (aka money interests) that say global warming will not happen and will not affect our lives on the planet!

So the money interests in GMO usurp the humanitarian interest story (feeding hungry people/saving lives of babies) to make more money! The money interests are not ‘the corporation’ – it is all the thousands of individuals that work for corporations who bring about the new GMO world. The person who sells Monsanto GMO seeds and fertilizers and pesticides to farmers, the political lobbyist who sways the thinking of politicians, the PR writer who spins a ‘fabulous humanitarian’ story that glosses over the real facts of the GMO story, the food processing engineers who use GMO ingredients in their formulas, the food and agriculture industry marketing people in multiple organizations that aim to increase market share of their GMO based products so that they get a bigger bonus at the end of the year….and so on and so on! Some of those people are your friends and neighbours. So how do you feel about it now? These corporations employ hundreds of thousands of people. People make decisions that we blame on corporations – but we should really blame the people….

Now that we understand that we cannot change history and go back to a non-GMO world, how do we deal with it – for ourselves and our children and all future generations? Check out this video on GMO – and there are plenty more such videos out there…if you want to increase your knowledge on this critical issue. Get to know the truth!

How do we deal with GMO in our world?

Firstly, GMO based ingredients in food must be labeled as such. We have a right to know what we are buying and putting in our mouth. The USA used to be the nation known for enabling citizens with the right to know what the government and those around us are doing. Well, Europe is way more of a leader on this than the USA. Even smaller countries are getting in on the act and forcing all food related companies to disclose GMO ingredients to their citizens. The same people in all these corporations that spend millions trying to stop GMO labeling by telling Americans that it will force food prices up, well they comply with GMO labeling laws in other countries when they export there….and they are still competitive price-wise. Hmmm. The lies they spin. Why? What’s to fear? They are covering up something aren’t they! Here is an article about how much GMO labeling will cost the US consumer – a BIG ZERO! To decide if these people in the large corporations are lying or not, just check out the corporate profits of each mega company like Monsanto, DuPont, BASF etc, as well as their biotech subsidiaries. They are highly profitable companies – so why do they say that GMO labeling is going to increase their costs and therefore the prices to the end consumer? With the hundreds of millions they spend on fighting GMO labeling, they could save money by just complying and labeling their products with GMO sourced ingredients! Yikes!

Therefore, make sure that whatever you eat is not GMO. Eat Organic fruit and vegetables only. Eliminate (definitely reduce) your consumption of processed food, all sodas and junk food – they use a lot of GMO ingredients without you knowing it. You can bet your bottom dollar that the homes of the wealthy executives of these food and chemical product corporations have lots of organic produce in them. Will they just eat GMO based processed food – hell no! That’s for other people – not for them! The scary thing is that the Monsanto (etc) employees in our world are ‘buying’ congressional support to say that organically grown GMO seeds can be marketed as organic produce….YIKES!

Eating corn-fed beef? Firstly beef should not be eating corn – it’s not natural for them. Secondly, the quantity of corn needed to feed all these cows in their ‘fattening-up’ concentration camps prior to being pushed into a slaughter house, is huge. Do you think they are feeding them organic corn? Definitely not. By the by, organic beef will be fed on grass (their natural food) and have a more natural ‘free-range’ life before being pushed down a line into the slaughter house.

Ethanol added to the gas for your car? It’s going to be GMO corn. Is that worse than eating GMO food – NO! Household cleaners may contain ingredients from GMO sourced plants. Mass produced ‘anything’ means they need huge volumes of ingredients and as cheaply as possible…so along come the GMO proponents in the food and chemical corporations.

GMO ingredients in your skin care products?
This is going to happen. It’s a fact of life. The use of soy based ingredients will inevitably mean they are sourced from GMO soy crops. There are lots of corn based ingredients in skin care – like corn based ethanol, and even xanthan gum – it comes from bacteria that feed on corn (no it’s not organic corn)…

How do I feel about this?
Seeing as the skin is designed, by nature, to be a barrier, it absorbs very little of what we put on it (see the video on how the skin works). And seeing as the quantity of organic based food is limited and must be used first and foremost for food consumption, I would hesitate to worry about GMO ingredients in skin care products. I think that anyone who diverts valuable organic produce for the sake of skin care rather than feeding humans and other animals on the planet, is not accepting the reality of GMO in this world. Yes it will play into a larger marketing hyped message for financial gain, but is it right to divert valuable food to skin care? My pragmatic perspective is – NO!

If you treat your skin sensitively, as all skin should be, and help it become strong and balanced, it will be even better at protecting the body by keeping bad stuff out. Make sure your skin care does not contain commonly understood as ‘bad stuff‘. All said and done, the stronger and healthier you are the better your skin will be (and your body of course).

It’s a new world – if you don’t fight for your right to know, the powerful money interests out there will definitely keep you in the dark about what they are doing with your food…

Just say NO to GMO food!

Home Care routine for Severe Rosacea and Sensitive Skin (UPDATED)

PM Home Care Routine:

1.  Cleanse with Dr Schwab Sensitive Cleanser or Extreme + Sensitive Cleanser. Use about the size of a US quarter/25cent coin (use more than that if you wear makeup – play with different quantities to find the optimal amount that removes the quantity of makeup that you use on your skin). Follow the process as per the video of how to use this cleanser. I am VERY serious about the process and the fact that you add small amounts of water each time – do not try and take a short cut and use large amounts of water – it will not produce the same result! Do NOT follow the instructions on the cleanser bottle. ONLY use cool water.

2. Hydrate + Serum. It hydrates the skin which then helps it start repairing itself. Apply 1 to 2 pumps all over, leave on.

3. Tu’el Super Soothe Mask or SSC Soothe + Hydrate Mask Apply on red/irritated/painful skin. It will calm just about any skin type, and also nourish it with antioxidants. Use a substantial layer of the mask – do not let it disappear from view – it must be visible on the skin at all times. Leave on 10 minutes. Splash off with cool water.

4. Apply medicated solutions if necessary – metrogel/antibiotics if prescribed by your doctor. This is a personal decision on your part…I cannot tell you that you should or should not follow your doctors prescription….

5. Skin Renu Rosacea Defense or SSC Light + Calm Lotion (if you have very dry skin you may prefer the SSC Rich + Calm Cream) – moisturize all over. This is a great light moisturizer to help add valuable lipids back into rosacea or damaged/sensitive skin – a critical element for the skin to regain strength and so reduce the visible aspects of rosacea or skin sensitivity.

AM Home Care Routine

1. Splash the face with cool water – do not cleanse. Over-cleansing is bad for all skin types but especially bad for rosacea and sensitive skin.

2. SSC Hydrate + Serum. It hydrates the skin which then helps it start repairing itself. Apply 1 to 2 pumps all over, leave on.

3. Tu’el Super Soothe Mask or SSC Soothe + Hydrate Mask. Apply on red/irritated/painful skin. It will calm just about any skin type, and also nourish it with antioxidants. It must be a substantial layer of the mask – do not let it disappear from view – it must be visible on the skin at all times. Leave on 10 minutes. Splash off with cool water.

4. Apply medicated solutions if necessary – metrogel/antibiotics if prescribed by your doctor. This is a personal decision on your part…I cannot tell you that you should or should not follow your doctors prescription….

5. Skin Renu Rosacea Defense – moisturize only where needed during the daytime – not all over if there are areas where you are naturally ‘oily’ – i.e. where you produce a lot of your own natural moisturizer…see the video on whether to moisturize or not. You don’t want to have too much moisturizer on during the day as your skin will often produce more of it’s own due to stress hormones and other hormonal activity.

6. Apply a mineral sunscreen like ‘Mineral Sunscreen SPF 40‘ (with a tint), or ‘Mineral Sunscreen SPF 35‘ (without tint). Only mineral sunscreens should be used on extremely sensitive skin. Apply a sunscreen EVERY DAY!

NOTE: Do not try and exfoliate severe rosacea and sensitive skin. Your skin will have to strengthen to a more moderate level of rosacea and sensitivity before you do that. See the blog entry for a home care routine for moderate rosacea and sensitivity.


NOTE: The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.…

Is acne skin sensitive skin?

Simply put – the answer is YES. Any inflammatory disorder describes a skin that has redness, irritation, inflammation, discomfort, pain, dryness, tightness….. So if your skin exhibits any of these conditions, due to acne, allergies, rosacea, or just unbalanced and sensitive skin, then the approach should be the same…TREAT IT SENSITIVELY!

Any level of redness, irritation and inflammation requires gentle, soothing, cooling treatments. Harsh acne treatments (detergents cleansers, astringent toners and anti bacterial extracts, irritating benzoyl peroxide, and inflammation enhancing hot water) will increase the sensitivity of the acne skin.

Use a truly gentle cleanser and always use cool water, hydrate the skin to help it repair, for severe acne cases use an intensive skin repair treatment, use a soothing and hydrating mask, apply an antibacterial colloidal sulphur to the pimples, use a light lotion moisturizer (only where needed), and always use a mineral sunscreen because they are non-irritating (except for people who have severe allergies).

In many cases, dry skin is helping clog the pores and enable the development of bacteria infected pimples, so exfoliation is important. Exfoliation does NOT mean a scrub! An Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acid is the best way to exfoliate, but you may need to start gently, get the skin stronger and more balanced, and then use a stronger exfoliator. Exfoliation depends on the condition your skin is in, and ‘stronger’ does not mean ‘better’… Exfoliation should take place at night after cleansing.

To obtain a video consultation please purchase a 15 minute Skype video consultation and set up an appointment at the online calendar.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.