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The future of hair colourants could include preventing our hair turning grey

Technological progress may be fast-paced in many fields, but one mundane area has been almost left in the doldrums for the last 150 years: The basic technology for permanently coloring hair. That’s the conclusion of an analysis of almost 500 articles and patents on the chemistry of permanent hair dyeing, which foresees much more innovation in the years ahead, including longer lasting, more-natural-looking dyes and gene therapy to reverse the gray. The article appears in ACS’s journal Chemical Reviews.

Gene therapy will be a multi-billion dollar industry – and seeing as Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) and Genetically Engineered (GE) based crops proliferate in main stream food production, completely supported by the majority in congress (whose main concern is to ensure the profitability of corporate giants like Monsanto as well as the cheapness of food through unhealthy fast food giants like McDonalds), our future will be filled with genetically modified all sorts of things….maybe including you or your children….

As they say in the article…the aging generations do not want to accept the fact that aging happens on this planet – whether we like it or not. Protecting your skin and body from rapid aging through healthy, organic food consumption and mineral based sunscreen protection makes absolute sense…everything else is driven by money…and fear.

‘Computer face,’ ‘banana roll’: Old wrinkles get new names

 Referenced from ABC News

Do you sit squinting at a computer most of your day? Ask a cosmetic surgeon, and he or she might say that sooner or later you’ll suffer from “computer face.” This unfortunately named condition supposedly is caused by working in front of a screen for many hours a day. Let it go too long, and you may get ‘turkey neck’—loose skin around the jaw and chin—along with wrinkles around the forehead and eyes. “Computer face,” it turns out, is just the most recent of many slang terms on a long list of not-so-pretty descriptions of our body’s imperfections.