Sensitive skin with acne – solutions are available

A cry for help from a viewer of the SkinCareTV channel’s video ‘The 12 Worst Things for Sensitive Skin’: Lina: hello wonderful sir, thank you so much for your videos. You have no idea how grateful I’m for finding your channel and listening to your advices. literally I’m on tears from shock. I’m a 19 […]

What heart disease and aging skin have in common

Both are related to inflammation, and both are related to what you eat. Both require you to make changes in your life. Both require you to stop listening to the marketing BS from food and skin care corporations. According to a recent article by a world renowned heart surgeon, Dr Dwight Lundell says heart disease […]

Your ethics affect your choice of job and skin care products, or vice versa?

How easy is it to associate ones ethical beliefs with one’s work situation? Could you work for the tobacco industry knowing that there is a super strong connection between smoking and cancer? Or a GMO seed and pesticide manufacturer? Or a major polluter of our air/rivers/sea? Can someone who is strictly vegan sell hamburgers? ETC […]