Sensitive Skin’s complex relationship with bacteria

The ‘common wisdom’ that bacteria are bad for your skin is generally not very wise at all. The strength of your skin depends on the strength and balance of the natural bacteria that are supposed to be on it. Whether you like it or not, bacteria are supposed to be part of us. We could […]

Antibacterial soap, Multivitamins, Colds and Flu, Dairy Issues – do you believe it?

We all grew up with certain beliefs – mostly imposed by mom or dad or others in our community….these are known as ‘common beliefs’. So, how well substantiated are common beliefs? Answer….not very well… Check out this article about the common beliefs regarding multivitamins, how you get colds and flu, dairy issues etc. I recently […]

Honey is not antibacterial for your skin

Many marketers will incorrectly tout honey as an antibacterial ingredient ideal for skin care applications…well honey itself is a self preserved commodity and thus very few known bacteria will develop in honey…..but it does not kill off bacteria nor does it prevent bacteria from forming in other ingredients of a ‘honey-based’ skin care product. Here […]