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The best sequence of skin care applications

1. Cleanse first – only at night, and only with cool water. If you wear a lot of makeup, wipe the surface makeup off with a kleenex tissue, and then use an oil based cleanser.

2. Exfoliate – only at night, and only with cool water.  Use an appropriate exfoliator (enzyme or AHA) for your skin type. NO SCRUBS OR BRUSHES – EVER!

3. Leave on products are sequenced based on their viscosity – watery type products go on before gel-like products, then lotions, then creams (they are thicker than lotions).

4. Antioxidants and anti aging serums go on before moisturizer.

5. Sunscreen goes on AFTER moisturizer. Sunscreen should be applied EVERY morning. Only inorganic (mineral) sunscreens must be used.

6. Makeup goes on last.

Check out the video at the SkinCareTV channel on YouTube.