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What heart disease and aging skin have in common

Both are related to inflammation, and both are related to what you eat. Both require you to make changes in your life. Both require you to stop listening to the marketing BS from food and skin care corporations.

According to a recent article by a world renowned heart surgeon, Dr Dwight Lundell says heart disease is mainly due to the processed food we consume every day. Genetically inherited heart disease issues do not affect the majority of people who die from heart disease, food and lifestyle do! Processed and ‘unnatural’ food-like-stuff will also increase inflammatory conditions in your skin, and thus speed up the aging process and visible aging of the skin.  Unfortunately, most people are not going to change their lifestyles in order to reduce potential for heart disease…until it is too late. All that marketing BS from food manufacturers and fast-money-making-junk-food-companies is soooooo seductive…why let reason stand in the way of seduction?

Skin care companies do the same thing. They seduce us into believing that their cream has the secret to eternally youthful skin. They may even be so brazen as to label it natural and organic. It is still BS – no matter what the marketers say. There are NO miracle creams that will delete the effects of bad food and poor lifestyle!  When you realise that marketers are just like politicians (people who will tell you the lies that they know you want to hear), then you will start taking less heed of them, and more heed of basic human logic that has been around for eons.

Seeing as the intelligence of ‘the-top-of-the-food-chain’ has degenerated to a maximum of 140 characters at a time, here is what I and Dr Lundell are saying:

Eat 5 real fruit and 5 real vegetables every day. Stop eating processed food (everything made in a factory and sold in a package). No junk food EVER!

Eating correctly will also help your skin. And always treat your skin sensitively. Understand the Best things and Worst things for your skin. Need a refresher on how to do that?

Yes you may need some medical drugs and treatments from time to time due to genetic issues or life threatening disease beyond your control that can help you age more gracefully. And yes you may need some skin care products that will help strengthen the skin and slow down the visible aging process (always start with an inorganic (mineral) sunscreen and work backwards).

It’s always amazing that so many people want to be ‘natural’ with their skin care and yet they consume copious amounts of ‘unnatural’ processed food, and depend on ‘unnatural’ medical drugs to try and cope with how their ‘unnatural’ behaviour is affecting their ‘natural’ skin and body.

If people feel they can ‘stop cancer’ then they can hardly believe in the natural state of things. Cancer is as natural as oxygen and water and bacteria in your digestive system. It’s what we do to ourselves and our environment that worsens the natural balance of all things on this planet and worsens the potential for cancer. Having a foolish belief that we can stop nature in it’s tracks without stopping our foolish beliefs and activities, is just that…foolish. How come the-top-of-the-food-chain is such a foolish animal????

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Food Babe, Science Babe, Angry Babes dueling blogs, who’s right or wrong?

Recently a friend introduced me to an online blogging war between the Food Babe and the Science Babe…each have their supporters and detractors…. This is the latest attack from Science Babe on Food Babe, and another from Bad Science Debunked – they are funny and sad all rolled into one…

The Food Babe is not a scientist, and tends to act like a politician – sowing seeds of fear, uncertainty and doubt. Everything she can’t pronounce is classified as a ‘toxin’ or a ‘chemical’. The Science Babe is just that – a scientist who looks at everything on a molecular level and rules out the emotional BS of fear uncertainty and doubt. Seeing as everything on this planet is a chemical except light and electricity, she tends to know more of what is indeed a toxin versus the incorrect and wholesale use of the words ‘toxic’ and ‘chemical’ used by Food Babe for maximum marketing effect.

It appears they are both claiming to be babes – so it seems good looking or sexy sells! Well, it’s worked since modern advertising got under way in the mid 1900’s!! Anyone older or less attractive just doesn’t get the attention of the media or the population in general. So that’s why I don’t have an ‘army’ of followers as the Food Babe and Science babe have!!! 🙂

There’s a lot I agree with from both blogs. The Food Babe only likes natural, organic food, and hates GMO anything. However, natural and organic does not necessarily mean good, wholesome and non toxic. A natural, organic poison mushroom will still kill you…and faster than a non-organic mushroom! However, she claims that any ingredient she cannot pronounce is thus bad…well, we need to be a little more educated than that. So, according to her, ergothioneine would be bad….but it is a wonderful molecule found in mushrooms (and some other plants) that will energize cell communication in your body and it’s amazing antioxidant properties may slow down the aging process…so being child-like in your decisions on your health and safety is not a good response to the complexities of modern day life.

The Science Babe can pronounce ergothioneine, understands what it is, and is OK with it in her body. However, the Science Babe doesn’t have a problem with GMO stuff… She feels that genetically modified organisms still contain a ‘natural’ biological identity that makes them totally edible… I’m not so sure. Basically, if anything ‘natural’ is manufactured by a for-profit organization, I’m skeptical of their marketing hype. All politicians lie, and marketers are a very close second.

By the by, ergothioneine can also be found in topical skin care products like Stress Recovery Complex, SSC Decircle + Firm Eyes, and Cell Youth Actif.

As far as I’m concerned, the best source of food is from two non-profit entities…one is called Mother Nature, and the other is called God. You should only purchase food from 1 of these 2 – which ever one gives you the best service 🙂 However, it’s still Caveat Emptor/Buyer Beware! Not everything they sell is good for you…peanuts will kill some people, as will shrimp. Wheat and soy could make other people very ill. And poison ivy will always be poison ivy for everyone on this planet….

I always try and keep things simple…eat 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings everyday! If I was slapped each time I said that I’d be black and blue by now 🙂 I prefer making organic fruit and vegetables my priority…it’s worth the extra cost. That’s why I don’t have all the latest technology gadgets, I ride a motor bike and not an SUV, and I tend to eat at home most of the time rather than trying every restaurant in the city. That’s my priority based on my income level, and you have yours. When it comes to healthy body and healthy skin, I always hope that people will give that a higher priority than technology and fancy cars…

Nutrition is critical for skin care…I say that often and have blogged about it almost as often. I think the Food Babe and others like Kimberly Snyder (she’s good looking but doesn’t call herself a babe), do a good job of getting their followers to focus on the important aspect of being mindful that what you put in your mouth is definitely going to affect every part of your being (mental and physical). I just have a problem with their claim that skin care should be considered the same as food. You should be eating real food, not processed creams that may have some food related ingredients added at time of formulation. I do NOT want to eat moisturizer!

The over-hyped claim that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the blood is just more fear, uncertainty and doubt from the less-than-science-smart marketers. Check out the video ‘How The Skin Works‘ for more information.

You can be the essential proof that the skin does NOT absorb everything you put on it…

For example: Will you put all your food in a blender and then smear it over your skin rather than eat it – and yet your body will be as fit and healthy? Will you suggest to your doctor that you crush your anti-depressant/anti anxiety/blood pressure/acid reflux pills etc into your moisturizer and smear it all over the face/body? Based on this hypothesis that your skin absorbs everything, then motor mechanics should die at a very young age – with petroleum and synthetic (toxic?) products all over their hands/arms every day? The list of potential toxins is endless – and fatal if they enter the body in large quantities – but the net outcome is that our bodies are designed with a skin that can keep most stuff out! If all the skin care products that claim to take you back 20 years really worked, there would only be a few products on the market – but there are hundreds of thousands making those claims….and we are all still looking for the magical 20 year reversal cream…

The best approach to skin care is to keep your skin strong and balanced, treat it sensitively, and it will work wonderfully well and look naturally younger because it is strong and balanced. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder – so behold your own natural beauty and not the fake beauty created by marketers and the celebrity machine…

So, how do you look at information concerning what you put in your mouth (and what you put on your skin)?

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Your ethics affect your choice of job and skin care products, or vice versa?

How easy is it to associate ones ethical beliefs with one’s work situation? Could you work for the tobacco industry knowing that there is a super strong connection between smoking and cancer? Or a GMO seed and pesticide manufacturer? Or a major polluter of our air/rivers/sea? Can someone who is strictly vegan sell hamburgers? ETC ETC.

I am truly lucky to be able to choose a job that meets my vegan and cruelty free requirements. However, if I am committed to cruelty free skin care, it has to incorporate more than just what I put on my skin right??? Otherwise I would be a major hypocrite (like politicians), and I couldn’t live with myself nor anyone else like that. I certainly couldn’t promote something that is cruel and inhumane. So, for me, cruelty free also involves what I eat. Therefore I am visibly upset by the weekly email from Yelp that is all about San Francisco foie gras restaurants!!!!

I mentioned my horror to someone whom I thought shared my views, and was given a response “it is what it is”… WHAT? Imagine if people said that about apartheid in South Africa, or Nazi concentration camps, slavery or ISIS etc??? If everyone used this very comfortable ‘cop-out’ phrase, there would have been no women’s suffrage, no civil rights, no gay rights etc. There would be no environment to speak of. No wildlife preserves, sanctuaries and pristine landscapes etc…

NO! Inhumane force feeding of geese to make their livers painfully swollen to enable the production of foie gras is so NOT OK! It should not be what it is!!! It’s up there on my list with clubbing baby harp seals to death for their pelts, all fur products, shark finning live sharks and leaving them to drown, killing rhinos and elephants for their horn and ivory.  Just because I don’t wear fur doesn’t mean I’m OK buying non fur products from a store that sells fur products. Just because I don’t eat foie gras doesn’t mean the rest of the food at the restaurant is OK – nope – I spend not a cent at such establishments. There are plenty other restaurants out there that are ethical and worthy of support. So if you want to know which San Francisco restaurants NOT to support because of their penchant to make money out of inhumane foie gras, check out the Yelp list..and there are many others not listed…call and ask directly before you make plans… We managed to get Foie Gras banned in California in 2012, just to have the restaurant and food industry get it legally overturned last year.

On a similar ethical note,  if you want cruelty free skin care, is it OK to go with FDA approved medical treatments and products knowing they are all tested on animals? And those same medical-grade topical skin care products are all preserved with parabens (potential carcinogens) – yet non medical-grade products are prohibited from using parabens as preservatives (in CA). If you like natural products, does that automatically rule out medical-grade (non-natural) products? Is there anything really natural about a highly processed and expensive cream you’re using as a moisturizer after all? If you are concerned about the environment, then would you still use anti bacterial products (with triclosan for example) that you rinse down the drain into the water system and that have a ripple effect of environmental damage? And what about those little plastic beads in so many facial scrubs that are now being found in fish and other water animals? Seeing as no pollution generating energy is required when cool water is used… is it not a good time to start using cool water only on your face and no warm or hot water? And, by the by, that just happens to be just 1 of the 8 important things you should be doing for your skin anyway

Everything we do has a consequence, and it’s impossible to be perfect, but I urge you to start setting higher standards and help your family and friends to reset theirs. All together, we can make a difference 🙂