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Making something good out of a bad Yelp review

On April 12, 2013 at 2pm, Gianna Leandro came in for a facial and consultation at Blue Turtle Spa. Her skin looked great after the $80 facial. She felt the same way and voluntarily selected to leave a 20% ($16) tip. Tip’s are never expected – but appreciated if the client feels I did a great job on their skin. We then discussed the skin care ingredients that would be best for her skin and her skin care goals. As usual, I never try and sell products. It’s the client’s choice as to what they want to do with their skin. All my skin care information resources are available through my public website. My website clearly states that I’m about scientific skin care that is animal cruelty free. I’m open and honest about my approach to skin care.

Fast forward 2 years and Gianna Leandro launches a vitriolic attack on me through a Yelp review. Naturally, I wonder why she tipped me if she hated every moment of her time with me? No tipping is totally an option with the Square Payment system on my iPad. I’m also left pondering what psychological issue precipitated this Yelp attack 2 years later, seeing as she has written numerous Yelp reviews over that 2 year period.

Needless to say, I am totally uncomfortable benefiting financially from such a negative situation, so I immediately donated that $96 to the Humane Society of the US. At least there is somewhat of a happy ending to Gianna’s very unhappy state of mind 🙂

Here is Ms Gianna Leandro’s Yelp

Is that a hip cool cosmetic line or just part of a major corporation

Do you like hip and cool, independent, products? Well you have to do a lot of searching… Most of the skin care and cosmetic brands available in stores and online are owned by some big mega international corporation….

I have clients who say they like Kiehls or Body Shop or Aveda or philosophy products because they are independent, natural, organic etc etc etc…well they are just part of some marketing giant that knows how to spin you a story about those brands…. Marketing people are like politicians, they know how to lie and separate you and your money :-0

Your ‘environmentally friendly’ company may be owned by a major polluter who spend money trying to stop politicians regulating what they do! Toms of Maine, Burts Bees and Aveda are on the list of companies owned by the kind of marketing companies you hate… Check to see if your favourite skin care cosmetic brand is independent or mega corporate. You can also check out this Huff Post article.

I was reading an article today about how the junk food chains are trying to mask their names out of some new so-called ‘independent’ ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ restaurants. It’s all a facade of marketing! They are doing this because the hip cool millennials are not so impressed with big brands…but with the millennials having constant access to information via the omnipresent smart phone, one would think there would be more research going on before buying into fake independent hip cool brands…

As the article states “millennials aren’t as impressed by big brands when it comes to food, and instead take pride in discovering and sharing new places and products with friends on social media networks”. Although do you really know which is what?  “The (US Taco Co) shop in Huntington Beach, California caught the attention of Christina Kaoh, a 30-year-old research coordinator who was in the area paddle boarding with friends.”I figured it’s going to be a hip version of tacos,” Kaoh said. She only learned it was owned by Taco Bell after reading an article that mentioned the link in Mother Jones. Kaoh said she wouldn’t go back since she tries to support independent establishments, and didn’t particularly enjoy the food. The ownership of smaller brands by major corporations isn’t a deal breaker, of course.”

It’s hard to be an independent, natural, and cruelty free skin care line when these mega marketing corporations blast their marketing hype over every available communications channel and confusing the hell out of the buying public, because the net of it all is that frequency of message (via money) matters. But for me, the cruelty free vegan and vegetarian compliant products of Sensitive Skin Clinic and Blue Turtle Spa matter more. I’d rather be happy everyday that I’m doing something right for the planet. I blog because I want to put the truth out there…and hopefully it can be found in amoungst all the marketing hype, BS and lies of the mega skin care and cosmetic manufacturers…

Does your favorite big name cosmetic brand test on animals

So many big name brands still test their products on animals…it is heart breaking to think of defenseless animals locked in cages and enduring painful tests (and then killed) in order to let the big name cosmetic brand make their claims about taking care of your skin and beauty. They believe that you feel your skin is more important than the life and suffering of any animal on this planet. And for some people they are quite right!

However, I only focus on people who share my beliefs that we are all part of a planet where every species has a right to exist and be respected. No one’s beauty takes precedence over the life and suffering of any animal (including humans – the most destructive animals on the planet :-().

If you are not aware as to whether your favourite cosmetic brand is testing your products on defenseless animals or not, check out this list at beautypedia. By the by, any medical product (prescription or OTC) WILL be tested on animals….

Sensitive Skin Clinic is an animal cruelty free skin care product line with mainly Vegan products (1 product is vegetarian compliant because of milk solids used in the formula). Blue Turtle Spa only uses and sells animal cruelty free products. To learn more about animal testing (with no graphic images) see the SkinCareTV video.

CORRECTED. Promotions and information in the Q1 newsletter

The quarterly newsletter from Blue Turtle Spa and Sensitive Skin Clinic was emailed to all clients at the beginning of February. It can also be accessed via the Blue Turtle Spa FaceBook page as well as the archived copy if you click here. Contents are:

1. Moved: The new Financial District location is 520 Montgomery St, inside V Studios.

2. Get 30% off your next treatment – a gift for you, your Valentine, your friends. Deadline 2/14/15.

3. Free product with purchase at SensitiveSkinClinic.com ONLY. Deadline 2/14/15.

4. Write a Yelp review about Blue Turtle Spa. Win $25 gift certificate. Ongoing.

5. Pre order Ageless + Serum at $75. Regular $85. Deadline 2/14/15.

6. NEW: Video consultations (Skype) with Andrew. Ongoing.

7. Price Increases for facials and body treatments. From February 1, 2015. Ongoing.

8. Interesting and important skin care articles and information you may have missed.