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Shocking info about the Microbiome diet and skin care

The microbiome is an important area of health research, and marketers are jumping in to take advantage ($$$) of the hype. The microbiome refers to all the natural bacteria that make up the human body, especially the digestive tract. The marketing hype usually has something to sell…and makes it all sound so sensible – but it is just hype and unscientific profiteering. Buyer Beware!!

The frustration around this marketing hype is so well expressed by Jonathan Eisen, professor and biologist at UC Davis, and author of the blog Tree of Life, in the following article that I have reproduced from his blog article:

Well this article by Dr. Raphael Kellman has just lots of overstatements about the microbiome: Why The Microbiome Is Your Key To Glowing Skin & Healthy Weight

For example, he writes:

Have you and your boyfriend or girlfriend ever gone out for a feast of delightfully unhealthy proportions only to then find yourselves picking fights with one another once you’re back home and digesting?  Fueling your body with unhealthy bacteria, and then feeding it with more unhealthy bacteria, is a sure-fire way to destabilize your mind-body connection. Instead, focus on supporting the positive bacteria in your belly with fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kefir and watch your spirits soar.

This implies that somehow the microbiome has some role in such situations and in mediating the relationships between two people.  And it implies that that can be fixed with fermented foods.  And this is without any shred of evidence …

Then there is a discussion that makes the microbome sound like the master controller of all that is human:

Our bodies are cohesive entities, yes, but within each there are several languages spoken.

The microbiome works like a translator for all of these systems, deciphering and decoding so that one process can communicate with the other for more efficiency and effectiveness (helping our systems to work as a team instead of independently alongside one another).

And then there is evidence free claims about fatigue and the microbiome:

I’ve found that this kind of unexplained fatigue is often linked to a lack of diversity in the microbiome and can be remedied, despite what conventional medicine says

Whenever someone critiques “conventional” medicine and then presents no evidence for their claims, one should be wary, very wary.

And it ends with
Your inner ecology, your microbiome, is influential on your physical health, and that shows through glowing skin, a balanced weight and a youthful essence.  

So – if you want to be youthful and glowing and have good sex and relationships and get rid of your fatigue and fix your automimmune disorders and obesity and connect all of your systems together, all you have to do is fix your microbiome.  Simple.  Oh and how do you do that?  Why funny you asked, because I am selling this new book on the Microbiome Diet to solve all your problems.  Ridiculous.  And dangerous.

And thus I am giving out an Overselling the Microbiome award to Dr. Kellman.

I have referred to skin bacteria and digestive bacteria in previous blog entries of mine, and, by the way, being a bacteria-phobe is not smart on any level of body and skin health. And of course, I continue to promote a healthy diet of 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day, because it will naturally fortify the way your body is supposed to work. A healthy and balanced body will result in a healthier and more balanced skin (baring genetic and acquired serious skin conditions). Simple!

Apart from treating your body right by way of a healthy diet, you should also treat your skin sensitively.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Sensitive Skin’s complex relationship with bacteria

The ‘common wisdom’ that bacteria are bad for your skin is generally not very wise at all. The strength of your skin depends on the strength and balance of the natural bacteria that are supposed to be on it.

Whether you like it or not, bacteria are supposed to be part of us. We could not exist on this planet if not for the gazillions of bacteria that live in us – in every single cell there are elements of bacteria that enable us to prosper and thrive on this planet.

A weak skin will tend to be more sensitive. It will react to many topical products just because it is weak. What can make the skin stronger? A balanced diet of 5 fruit and 5 vegetable servings every day, no processed and junk food, using gentle and non aggressive skin care products, and NO ANTI BACTERIAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS!

Killing off the bacteria on your skin does you a great disservice…it unbalances the skin and sets you up for more sensitive reactions. I’ve written about this many times so I will give you the links to those blog entries rather than repeating myself…

Safeguard your bacteria for skin and body health, as well as Acne bacteria – some good and some bad.

And here is a great article about your skin biome and why it is important to safeguard it….he also links to his 1st article about the skin biome for those who are interested in learning more…. Mark Sisson is a well known writer and healthcare promoter and a great believer in the simple paleolithic diet (also known as the paleo diet).

So the best approach to Sensitive (unbalanced) skin (because you’ve been faithfully following the antibacterial approach) is to treat your skin sensitively using the Sensitive Skin Clinic approach. Follow the list of good things for your skin and refrain from engaging in any of the bad things… And more importantly, resist the urge to believe the hysterical media hype about bacteria… Once your skin is balanced and strong you will be amazed at how it no longer reacts and presents itself as sensitive!

If you have severe skin conditions then opportunistic bacteria can make the condition worse. These kinds of conditions should be handled by medical professionals. The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.