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The Holiday Season can Worsen Skin Conditions! Part 1

Happy Holidays! We are supposed to smile and cheer and be happy….but very often it is a season that makes our skin unhappy. Why is this? Here are a few major reasons – this is part 1 of 3:

  1. Stress. The usual holiday stress of buying gifts, planning the family holiday dinner, preparing for friends and relatives who will visit during the holidays, or maybe having to be on your own during the holidays, and all this while continuing to deal with stress at work and at home. Yes, you think you’re dealing with it just fine, but if your skin starts acting weirdly, then you definitely are not dealing well with the ‘holiday’ stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone we express in our body whenever we are under ‘low-level’ stress. It is not like adrenaline – the ‘fight-or-flight’ kind of stress hormone. Increased cortisol causes increased break-out for acne sufferers, or flare ups for rosacea, eczema and dermatitis sufferers. People with generally healthy and strong skin often find they get a few pimples appearing on the face, chest or back as stress builds.

Solution:  An extract from an everlasting plant plus peptides and soothing ingredients work in a synergistic way to reduce the expression of Cortisol in the skin. Look for ingredients like helichrysum italicum extract, teprenone, acetyl dipeptide-1 cetyl ester, and sea whip (pseudopterogorgia elizabethae) extract. These can be found in Stress Recovery Complex and other gentle and soothing products. At all times, treat your stressed skin sensitively.

Being gentle to the skin will help it become naturally strong and balanced. Being aggressive will just weaken it further. A happier skin will look fresh and healthy, and younger. A happier skin is a happier you. Happy holidays!