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Reverse or reduce damage and hyperpigmentation from laser treatments

A laser burns the skin. That’s what it is designed to do. Acute burning and killing of skin cells will stimulate new cell growth. It can help reduce wrinkles. It can help reduce the depth of acne scars. It can help reduce hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage in your youth. BUT it can also INCREASE hyperpigmentation in the skin. It can also leave you with more sensitive skin….

The natural process of the skin is to produce more melanin (your skin colour cells) to cover any inflamed tissue because inflamed tissue is more easily damaged by the sun than non-inflamed tissue. This is particularly important for people with colour in their skin…whether it be Mediterranean, Latino, Middle Eastern, Asian or Equatorial African….etc.

If you have an inflamed acne pimple, the chances are you will have a dark spot on your skin when the swelling reduces and the pimple goes away. So too with laser treatments on skin with colour.

Even though you may have very light skin, and have the lightest skin tone in your family, the chances of having dark pigmentation after laser treatments is still a very real threat. Check out and see if previous generations on your mother’s and father’s side had naturally dark skin…you may have inherited those genes, and will scar quite deeply after laser treatments.

Unfortunately, laser technicians (who are supposed to be medical professionals) don’t know who will pigment the most – and besides, they want to make money so won’t be too concerned about your particular genetic inheritance….

For some clients I’ve seen, essentially the pigment is deep seated due to the laser treatment that traumatised the skin and created the pigmented response… It will be impossible to remove deep seated pigmentation, but we can lighten it and maintain it in a lighter form. Sun exposure will cause deep seated hyperpigmentation to get a lot darker.

So, here’s what I suggest (assuming your skin may still have some low level sensitivity as a residual of the laser treatment):

We start with a nightly Vitamin C Serum plus Decircling Serum treatment. I  blogged about how to use it as a solution for the hands – that’s just an example of where this treatment can be used…it is definitely suited to the face and neck etc… if you feel sensitivity, reduce the frequency of application.

You will use it in the same manner on the face/neck, at night, after cleansing the skin using a gentle cleanser (extreme + sensitive cleanser) and only with cool water. Use 2 – 3 pumps of the C + Renew Serum and apply firstly to pigmented areas and then spread out to all other skin on the face. You will need 3 – 4 pumps of the Decircle + Firm Eyes, and apply it over the C + Renew Serum. Do this about 30 – 40 minutes before going to bed, or anytime in the evening after you cleanse. Leave it on over night.

After a few months you will begin using an alpha hydroxy acid like Age Limit at night before the application of the Vitamin C. I don’t rush this step because it’s best not to re-sensitize or traumatize your skin…the glycolic combined with the vitamin c will be instrumental in lightening the darker pigmented areas even more than the above mentioned step. It will still be slow, so be patient.

For now, if you want to even out skin tone during the day, use the TINTED 20% zinc sunscreen for a subtle evening out of skin tone, or the Zinc and Titanium Tinted sunscreen if you prefer a little more definite coverage.

Always remember to keep your face out of hot or warm water. Use cool water only. Only use sensitive skin products.

By the by, all medical treatments are tested on animals, in case you are opposed to painful and torturous experiments on unwilling caged lab animals…

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Using Vitamin C and Decircle + Firm to rejuvenate the skin on your hands

Hands show ones age. They have sun and age spots. The skin begins looking thin and transparent. Don’t despair, it is possible to do a renovation job on your hands (and arms and chest and neck etc) using the amazing 17.5% esterized version of Vitamin C as found in C + Renew Serum from Sensitive Skin Clinic plus the peptides and decircling ingredients in Decircle + Firm Eyes from Sensitive Skin Clinic.

Every night before bed, apply 1 pump of C + Renew Serum on the back of each hand and smooth it over the skin. Then apply 2 pumps of Decircle + Firm Eyes and smooth over the vitamin C. The esterized Vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) is able to penetrate the lipid barrier of the skin and stimulate collagen development, act as an antioxidant, as well as support the reduction of sun spots. In Decircle + Firm Eyes there is the amazing antiaging ingredient ergothioneine from mushrooms, as well as peptides and hydroxysuccinamide that help break down oxidized elements stuck in the skin (age spots), and ‘flush’ them into the lymph system to be ‘trashed’. These two products work so well together. Use the same technique on other areas of the body that look older and ‘weathered’.

After 1 month you will notice the lightening of dark spots on your hands, and after 2 – 3 months you will be amazed at how much ‘younger’ and more attractive they look.

It’s still important to add moisturizer if you have dry skin on your hands, and always apply a mineral sunscreen every day (reapply after washing your hands).

Note that the skin on the hands can be sensitive…they are exposed to sunlight every day and they are frequently washed with water and soap that is way more alkaline than the skin…so they may not be strong and balanced. If you experience any sensitive reactions utilizing this hand care regimen, reduce the application to just 3 nights per week (like Mon/Wed/Fri), and once the hands are stronger and not reactive, increase the nightly application to 5 nights (Sun/Mon, Wed/Thu/Fri), and then increase it to 7 nights a week when you feel comfortable doing so.

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

Nerium Oleander poison – do you believe the Nerium AD hype?

A question from a client about the Nerium AD products:  “Been a while since I’ve bugged you for your professional opinion.  My mom’s sister in law gave her a magazine a while back that is all about a product called Nerium AD.  Mom passed it on to me to peruse because I love skincare and learning about new products.  The before and after pics on this product are pretty amazing!  I’d love to know if you’ve ever heard of it and what you think about the ingredients and before and afters?”

Answer: The marketing hype from Nerium is epic….the truth may be something else completely!

Firstly, all parts of the ‘Nerium AD fabled oleander plant’ are toxic to all animals on this planet – yes that includes you… It is toxic for your heart, nervous system, and skin….to name a few organs. See the real information at Medline and Wikipedia. Even the American Cancer Society has sobering facts about oleander extracts.

There are NO peer reviewed scientific studies to support the marketing hype from Nerium. Only a secret/proprietary study was done by the Nerium marketing corporation….suspicious already?

Are there any ingredients in their products that can change your skin? Yes. In the night cream (see ingredients) they have proprietary proteins (marketing-hype-speak) that are too big to enter the skin, but will definitely bind water to themselves and make your skin feel highly hydrated…and a hydrated skin shows fewer wrinkles and looks more youthful. (However… Hydrate + Serum plus Cell Youth Actif will do a much better job for your skin)… In the day cream (see ingredients) they have some great peptides and the wonderful esterized vitamin C found in C + Renew Serum. These are actually good ingredients! Add to that some artful photo editing and fancy photo lighting, plus slightly different positioning of the face that can make skin stretch/tighten slightly, and you have the ultimate marketing-hyped-before-and-after-shots….

Sure, the ingredients I mention above will indeed improve your skin (especially if you are someone who does zero skin care now), but does the oleander do anything at all?

Seeing as oleander is toxic to the skin, I should imagine they have miniscule traces of it in the formula….otherwise everybody will be returning the product because they’ve broken out in hives….

Having trace amounts of poisonous plants in products is not new – homeopathic medicine does this….they dilute the poison to the extent that only it’s ‘energy’ survives in the end product – none of the poison itself… I see Nerium has large quantities of soothing aloe vera in the formulas – that’s to ensure there is some ant-irritant solution for the potentially highly irritating oleander extract miniscule trace elements….

Is this element of toxicity ‘shocking’? How dare this company produce and sell a highly toxic product? Well, seeing as our society is in love with a highly neuro toxic substance called Botulinum Toxin Type A (aka Botox ™) then why would we not expect some money hungry people to come up with another toxin for us to try out – in the name of vanity?

You have to think through the marketing hype and look at the facts…It is a myth that you can have brains and beauty 🙂

Now, do you not suppose they tested their toxicity experiments on animals????? Hmmmm!!! UUUUGH!!