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Sensitive skin with acne – solutions are available

A cry for help from a viewer of the SkinCareTV channel’s video ‘The 12 Worst Things for Sensitive Skin’:

Lina: hello wonderful sir, thank you so much for your videos. You have no idea how grateful I’m for finding your channel and listening to your advices. literally I’m on tears from shock. I’m a 19 years old girl with horrible sensitive skin. My skin is level 1 in sensitivity and I’ve acne all over it, went to a dermatologist and she gave me adapalene, used it for a really long time and all I noticed was that my skin is getting worse and worse. However, that’s what happen at first, they said. after that I stopped using it but felt no change at all and I won’t even describe the depression and anxiety I suffered from going to college every day with my face like that. right now I’m using an acne biotic lotion (it consist of zinc and erthomycin, aslo want to know if it’s any good for my skin!) and I’m following the advices you gave in the other video on what’s best for sensitive skin. I wash my face and shower only with cool water. in the morning if my face gets oily I wash it with flowerwater. I looked up for the product you recommended but found nothing to clean my face with except glycerin soup (you see I’m not an American, I live in Egypt^) also most moisturisers and sunscreen have alcohol or sodium and they make my face look glowy, so I know you don’t quite know the products provided in my country but if you could recommend me something that’s is well known everywhere, that would be great. Thank you so much again, I hope you never stop posting videos and spreading awareness. sorry for the long post ^^ it just I’ve been enduring alot and finally found the right place to let it out 😀

Response from SkinCareTV: I appreciate how upsetting it is to have bad skin as I’ve suffered with genetic acne and sensitive skin all my life. Any form of prescription vitamin A (adapalene, tazoratene, tretinoin) is for cystic acne. They are not ‘spot’ treatments. They do not cure acne. check out my video on acne – it’s a very big topic of discussion – and there are no ‘easy-1-2-3-step’ products that will control it while being ‘good’ for your skin.

Yes, cool water only. Use the glycerin soap at night rather than in the morning. I prefer a very gentle cleanser like Extreme + Sensitive Cleanser.  Just splash the face with cool water in the morning. Try not using moisturizer – usually acne skin produces enough of it’s own natural moisturizer…the stuff people erroneously call oil. Try an hydration gel (like Hydrate + Serum) in morning and evening. Use a gentle enzyme exfoliator to reduce the ability of dry dead skin cells to block the pores (see the ingredients in the sensitive skin clinic ‘No Dry Skin + Enzyme Gel‘ and see if you can find something similar in your country).

Make sure your diet is skin-positive…mainly fruit and vegetables…eliminate processed carbohydrates (breads etc), eliminate dairy and meat. If you can find the book ‘the clear skin diet‘ by logan and treolar, read it. Teenage hormones are always going to be a problem for a lot of people – but be sure not to make the situation worse by eating badly or using harsh skin care products.

The stress hormone ‘cortisol’ also makes acne worse and only a good night’s sleep and meditation can reduce daily cortisol build up. I prefer colloidal sulfur in a spot treatment (like Clear It) product because it is not irritating for sensitive skin…I hate the use of benzoyl peroxide products because they are very irritating. The antibiotic you’ve been given is just to control bacteria, and it is effective, but I don’t like the use of antibiotics because better skin care techniques work better than relying on antibiotics (which many bacteria have become resistant to due to over use by prescribing doctors).

The products at Blue Turtle Spa Online Shop are available for international orders but you will need a PayPal account to facilitate that. You will also be able to purchase an online video consultation which often helps in me providing you with better skin care advice, once I’ve seen your skin condition.

I hope that helps… thank you for liking my videos 🙂

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.

What heart disease and aging skin have in common

Both are related to inflammation, and both are related to what you eat. Both require you to make changes in your life. Both require you to stop listening to the marketing BS from food and skin care corporations.

According to a recent article by a world renowned heart surgeon, Dr Dwight Lundell says heart disease is mainly due to the processed food we consume every day. Genetically inherited heart disease issues do not affect the majority of people who die from heart disease, food and lifestyle do! Processed and ‘unnatural’ food-like-stuff will also increase inflammatory conditions in your skin, and thus speed up the aging process and visible aging of the skin.  Unfortunately, most people are not going to change their lifestyles in order to reduce potential for heart disease…until it is too late. All that marketing BS from food manufacturers and fast-money-making-junk-food-companies is soooooo seductive…why let reason stand in the way of seduction?

Skin care companies do the same thing. They seduce us into believing that their cream has the secret to eternally youthful skin. They may even be so brazen as to label it natural and organic. It is still BS – no matter what the marketers say. There are NO miracle creams that will delete the effects of bad food and poor lifestyle!  When you realise that marketers are just like politicians (people who will tell you the lies that they know you want to hear), then you will start taking less heed of them, and more heed of basic human logic that has been around for eons.

Seeing as the intelligence of ‘the-top-of-the-food-chain’ has degenerated to a maximum of 140 characters at a time, here is what I and Dr Lundell are saying:

Eat 5 real fruit and 5 real vegetables every day. Stop eating processed food (everything made in a factory and sold in a package). No junk food EVER!

Eating correctly will also help your skin. And always treat your skin sensitively. Understand the Best things and Worst things for your skin. Need a refresher on how to do that?

Yes you may need some medical drugs and treatments from time to time due to genetic issues or life threatening disease beyond your control that can help you age more gracefully. And yes you may need some skin care products that will help strengthen the skin and slow down the visible aging process (always start with an inorganic (mineral) sunscreen and work backwards).

It’s always amazing that so many people want to be ‘natural’ with their skin care and yet they consume copious amounts of ‘unnatural’ processed food, and depend on ‘unnatural’ medical drugs to try and cope with how their ‘unnatural’ behaviour is affecting their ‘natural’ skin and body.

If people feel they can ‘stop cancer’ then they can hardly believe in the natural state of things. Cancer is as natural as oxygen and water and bacteria in your digestive system. It’s what we do to ourselves and our environment that worsens the natural balance of all things on this planet and worsens the potential for cancer. Having a foolish belief that we can stop nature in it’s tracks without stopping our foolish beliefs and activities, is just that…foolish. How come the-top-of-the-food-chain is such a foolish animal????

The information provided here is not meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Please see your doctor or a trained medical professional should you have any concerns.